Going Keto – Normal weight today

First day in many, many years – possibly 30 – that I have been in the “normal weight” range. BMR < 25 (24.94). Yay!! I am no longer overweight or obese. 73.8 kg this morning, which is nearly 31 kg lower than 1.5 years ago and 34.2 kg (5 stone 5.4 lbs) than my heaviest weight ever in 2012.

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Going Keto – An aside

I will catch up with the journey shortly but I just had to post this.

I am now into my second day of fasting and my blood glucose this morning was 3.1 mmol/L (55.8496 mg/dl) and my ketones 1.6 mmol/L (9.2928 mg/dl). (I have added various links to conversion sites so you can convert from mmol/L to mg/dl and back again. See the side bar)

Having just been out for a walk I can honestly say this is the first day I have truly felt the power of the keto diet. For weeks I have hovered on the border of ketosis but with a Glucose/Ketone index of 1.928 today I am properly in ketosis pretty much for the first time. I felt ‘powerful’ by which I mean I completed the walk faster than normal and my breathing hardly changed even though my route involves 1% to 5% gradients and a total uphill element of around 55 metres and at no time did I have the weary muscles that I have had in the past.

It was an invigorating experience!

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Hills Of Mayo (TTBB, SATB, SSAA)

This song was written and composed for the Mayo Male Voice Choir by David Loring. It tells the story of migrant workers from North Mayo who journeyed to Scotland to pick potatoes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These were the Spalpeens and Tattie Hokers.

This was almost exclusively a Mayo and Donegal migration with a few recorded from Galway. Many were from Achill and according to local folklore it had been prophesied that the first and last trains would carry the bodies of dead people. The first train, in 1894 carried those of 32 tattie hokers who drowned in Clew Bay on their way to Scotland when the boat they were in capsized. There is a memorial stone in Kildownet Old Cemetery, Kildavnet, Achill Island, Mayo (opens in a new tab or window) that lists the names of those who were lost. In 1937 the railway, which had shut down, was reopened to carry the bodies of those burned in the Kirkintilloch bothy fire, which focused attention on Peadar O’Donnell’s campaign on behalf of the migrant workers and led to a government inquiry at the time.

Often these men travelled on to England to pick beet. Sometimes their families travelled with them. In other cases their wives and children were left at home. The men returned for a month in the spring to sow what land they had. These journeys were unique to Mayo and the West of Donegal and were also a unique form of migration.

Download a PDF of The Kirkintilloch Tragedy text

Below are the music files for all four choir parts of “The Hills Of Mayo”.

Media Files
All of these files can be found on my Google Drive

PDF Files with piano accompaniment



TTBB Bmaj Full score A C Major version is also available.

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Going Keto – In The Begining

It began, my journey to a Keto diet, in early May 2009 when I paid a visit to a chiropractor to see if he could sort out the continual severe headache I had been having for weeks on end which I put down to my neck being out of alignment. He took my blood pressure before he started his therapy but we never got that far! My BP was 220/150 and he said he could not treat me and that I should go directly to hospital.

The doctor said he wondered how I was still upright and by rights I should be dead but I was not and my journey to a keto had begun although I did not know it at the time.

My weight at this point was 98 kilograms (98kg= 15st 6lb or 216lbs in American mode).

Fast forward to 2012 where my blood pressure was sort of in control but my weight was 108 kilograms (17 stone or 238 lbs). An outstanding achievement NOT!! I resolved to do something about it and did by lots of walking with dogs, getting my weight down to 81.95 kilograms (13st 7lb or 189+ lbs) by July/August 2015.

The dogs, rescued, turned out to be sheep chasers which is no good if you live in the country as I do so they went for re-homing and my weight piled back on again. I got some electronic scales and discovered that the old ones were reading over 2kg lower.

Old scalesElectronic Scales
99.30Switched over to electronic
Comparison of old and new scale readings

By the week ending the 15th January, 2019 I was back up to 104.5 kilograms (16st 6lb or 230+ lbs)

By August 2019 I was still yo-yoing up and down and was only 97.04 kilos (15st 4lb or 214lbs) which really was not much change although I was trying by getting exercise and attempting to diet.

In October 2019, on the 17th, I started keeping a food diary. The journey really had begun….

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Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee, currently being promoted by Holland & Barrett, contains 1 tablespoon of sugar! That is about 13 grams of sugar in one drink – 49 kcals – and half of that is fructose which does straight to the liver and likely gets stored as fat.

It also comprises 12.6g of carbohydrate so is definitely something to be avoided if you are on a low carb or keto diet, in fact it is probably something best avoided anyway.

I am slightly appalled that a health food supplier is promoting a product such as this. It is NOT in any way healthy.

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What is it with Ancestry.com and the word “backstory”? Which numpty in their PR department came up with that stupid idea? Not only is it not a real word but it is completely meaningless and idiotic as ALL stories, an account of incidents or events, are “backstories” in the context of ancestry.

Why do we need another stupid “buzz” word when “ancestry” suffices and has done the job for many centuries. It really is about time Americans were prevented from polluting the English language with their idiocracy which daily draws closer and closer.

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uniball eye pen

I have been trying to contact Mitsubishi Pencil Company .co.uk to tell them:

“I just wanted to left you know that I have one of your pens (Uniball eye) which has been upright, i.e. with the ink gravitating away from the nib, in a coat pocket since early 2007 – about 13 years – which I came across yesterday and had no expectation that it would still work but it does. It wrote as soon as the point touched paper. Pretty astounding I think.


Unfortunately they want me to complete a non existent recapcha despite having tried this in three different browsers. Their pen may be amazing but their website sucks!

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Open letter to Pascal Donohoe

Sign the petition: Do not TAX health food supplements.

Dear Mr Donohoe,

Whilst I appreciate that the government needs revenue it seems illogical that it should choose to get that revenue from those who can least afford it in many cases.

A food supplement is what it says, i.e. food, although like any other food cannot be depended upon entirely for sustenance. For many people, and very often for those who have some medical problem such as my partner, food supplements are not some frippery taken by those who can afford it because they want to ensure they are healthy regardless of cost, but an essential element in their diet where minerals etc are lacking because of a medical condition. A necessity in other words to sustain life.

Since the health service does not provide these essentials, and I am not suggesting they should, it is left to us to provide for ourselves, often at considerable cost – a cost which you now propose to make even more burdensome.

I accept that there are certain items found in health food shops that are not ‘essentials’ nor should they be considered so but a carte blanche punitive application of VAT at the full rate is not the way to do it.

You have it within your power to set a 0% rate for food supplements and I would ask you to consider doing so.

Kind regards
David Loring

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THE SATURDAY ESSAY: if we ignore the ticking clock, the next problem will be a ticking bomb

John Ward is right on the nail again. Our freedom is at risk.

The Slog



As the end of the week draws nigh, we see our legislative, governmental and Alt State ranks marching forth in the manner of Sgt Bilko’s Motor Pool platoon. Directionless and bumping into each other like so many Dobermans and Paparellis, their only concerted goal is to invent and use more ways of ensuring that their will on Brexit prevails, such that the last thing to prevail – whatever it takes – will be Brexit.

Delayed votes, second referendums, and pretty soon no doubt an old kitchen sink. As I keep on saying (and the view is not popular) the only way out now is a snap General Election during which all Brits with a sense of national duty get behind a Sovereign…

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Reds under the bed again!

Here is a wonderful piece of complete scaremongering

Source: Russia could cause thousands of deaths through energy grid attack.

The scaremongering:

Yet another terrifying warning that Russia could knock out the National Grid in a lethal strike has been issued, this time by the Defence Secretary – but the UK government has issued no advice stating what residents should do should the lights go out.

Gavin Williamson’s warning that Russia could cause “thousands and thousands and thousands” of deaths in Britain through an attack on the island’s electricity distribution system comes just days after the head of the National Cyber Security Centre appeared to suggest an attack of this nature was inevitable

And of course the real reason for the scaremongering:

He told E&T: “There is a tension between the UK, as member of NATO and as part of the sanctions regime against Russia, and Russia itself. There is military posturing that goes along as part of that and there are various aspects of what has sometimes been referred to as hybrid warfare or information warfare that goes on, too.

“I am not aware of, nor do I think there has been, an explicit threat from the Russian side to any aspect of British infrastructure, including the electricity grid.”

He added: “There are concerns over what would happen if the current cold conflict with Russia were to escalate and I think that’s what seems to be driving the general message from the MoD that more funding is needed.

Now we have the real truth.

Of course the UK could stop acting as the lap dog of the US. The politicians and elites cannot get enough of the ‘Reds under the beds’. It is just like going back to the 60’s. How about dropping the US, the people who are actually the most likely to cause a war, and form a better friendship with our European friends the Russians?

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