EU Bans Claim “Drinking Water Can Prevent Dehydration”; Expect More Such Stupidity if European Nanny-Zone Fiscal Union Forms

EU Bans Claim "Drinking Water Can Prevent Dehydration".

In a 3-year study, EU concluded there is no evidence that drinking water can cure dehydration and has banned bottles from stating that claim. Previously, EU officials banned the selling of overly bent bananas and curved cucumbers but backed off after international ridicule.

And more total absurdity such as:

Prof Brian Ratcliffe, spokesman for the Nutrition Society, said dehydration was usually caused by a clinical condition and that one could remain adequately hydrated without drinking water.

In English we have a description for someone like him. “Complete pillock”

One can only classify this as humour because otherwise one would just have to weep at the complete stupidity of these people who call themselves scientists.

Some at least have some sense

Prof Hahn, from the Institute for Food Science and Human Nutrition at Hanover Leibniz University, said the European Commission had made another mistake with its latest ruling.

“What is our reaction to the outcome? Let us put it this way: We are neither surprised nor delighted.

“The European Commission is wrong; it should have authorised the claim. That should be more than clear to anyone who has consumed water in the past, and who has not? We fear there is something wrong in the state of Europe.”

The Daily Telegraph (A fuller version of the source I came across.)

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