Email Scams #1

I get so many of these that I really must start cataloguing them! The point is that so many of them are just obvious scams and are usually very badly composed.

Here is one from today about ‘my account’ being blocked

Scam Mails #1

  • So first off who the hell are Liberty Reserve. I have never heard of them and don’t have an account with them (if they are real which I doubt)
  • I have blurred the web address and who sent to for obvious reasons. This was sent to one of my email addresses that would be unlikely to require their fictitious services.
  • Please note that in all e-mails from Liberty Reserve we will:
    1. Always address you by your first name.

    And then addresses me as Dear Customer. Not very bright really. Better to leave out the bank style notes if you are going to contradict them!

  • No links? Oh yes links
  • So if I can’t change any of these items what they are suggesting is that I am forced to use their unlock link. (Despite that fact that they won’t send any links). This means that the ability to log in directly is (if this was real) being denied. Not really conducive to inviting me to click the link.

Was I tempted to click on this? No, no, no. Perhaps I am of a suspicious nature. Only once, in a moment of lapsed guard, did a very convincing PayPal scam email get me. As I clicked I groaned!!! It did not cause a major problem but it made me darn sure to double check before clicking anything in an email.

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