Indian fishermen say U.S. boat fired without warning

(Reuters)Indian fishermen who survived a hail of gunfire from a U.S. navy boat off the coast of the United Arab Emirates disputed U.S. claims that their boat drew fire after ignoring warnings to steer clear of the American vessel.

As soon as this incident occurred I had my suspicions. I doubted if the vessel had been given any warnings. Look at it this way. It is a small fishing vessel, not a high speed attack speedboat. It has three outboard motors on a vessel 50ft long – speed is NOT going to be one of it’s attributes.

The vessel appeared to be about 50 feet long and powered by three outboard motors. Similar boats are used for fishing in the region, though Iran’s Revolutionary Guard also employs relatively small, fast-moving craft in the Gulf.

The Yanks are just a bunch of trigger happy cowboys and should be prosecuted for murder.

One Indian national was killed and three others injured on Monday when the USNS Rappahannock, a refuelling ship, fired on the fishing vessel, which the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet said approached at high speed and ignored repeated warnings.

No, no way was this travelling at high speed. The US are lying.

The incident highlighted the potential for a rapid escalation of tensions in Gulf waters, where U.S. forces are expanding their presence as Washington ramps up pressure on Iran over its nuclear programme.

The nuclear program that does not exist? America, the biggest holder of nuclear weapons, accuse Iran with no evidence and attempt to impoverish their population purely on the basis that the US are a buch of know it alls, and wrong ones at that as this incident proves.

The fishermen, hospitalised with gunshot wounds after the incident near Dubai’s Jebel Ali port, said on Tuesday that they received no warning before the U.S. craft opened fire, and that their craft had attempted to avoid any contact with it.

“We had no warning at all from the ship, we were speeding up to try and go around them and then suddenly we got fired at,” 28-year-old Muthu Muniraj told Reuters from hospital, his legs punctured by the rounds of the U.S. craft’s .50-caliber gun.

Shoot first, ask questions later.

“We know warning signs and sounds and there were none; it was very sudden. My friend was killed, he’s gone. I don’t understand what happened.”

A Fifth Fleet spokesman, Lt. Greg Raelson, asked whether the identification of the craft as a fishing boat made the threat cited by the Navy less likely, said an internal inquiry into the incident had not finished.

In other words the answer to that was yess but that would mean the Navy was in the wrong, which it is.

“Non-lethal measures were taken while attempting to signal the vessel,” he said, adding that the fishing craft did not respond. “That was when the security team fired rounds from the .50-caliber … Our ships have an inherent right to self-defence against lethal threats.”

Lies. Trigger happy idiots.

Other members of the boat’s crew, which consisted of six Indians and two Emiratis, said their boat had come under fire as it returned from trawling in waters off Jebel Ali.

“We were fishing and then on the way back they started shooting at us, so many shots, like a storm,” said 35-year-old Muthu Kannan, who had a gunshot wound to the abdomen and a lower leg wired into place with metal rods.

“This is not the first time for us to go out in the boat and we all know what a warning is,” said 26-year-old Pandu Sanadhan. “All I can remember is a lot of shooting.”

Surprised they did not torpedo it!

An Indian government spokesman said he had assurances Washington would provide a full account of the incident, which Iran said threatened to further destabilise a region already shaken by the international dispute over Tehran’s nuclear programme, which Washington believes is geared to make bombs.

The Indian spokesman is a gullible fool if he seriously thinks he will ever get a truthfull version from the Americans.

The Americans (Government) are a cancre on the face of this planet.

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