Self Hating Jew??

There is hope yet. Unfortunately (for Jews) no distinction is made often between The Jew as in The Muslim or The Christian, and the Zionist. Judaism the religion has nothing to do with Zionism the political ideal. To label someone a self-hating Jew is as nonsensical as labelling someone a self-hating Christian, or Muslim. Chances are that if you actually did hate the religion of choice you would not be a Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc but an Atheist. To use a term that is nonsensical as a derogatory title is indicative of a huge insecurity on the part of the user.

Christianity or Islam, or any other religion, is not a race yet for some strange reason being Jewish has been turned into a racial thing. It may be considered an identity in as much as any religious ideal can ne so considered, but a race it is not.

Rehmat's World

Gilad Atzmon is an Israeli-born British jazz musician, a novelist, a  blogger and an anti-Zionism activist. His writings and talks are very critical of Zionist-regime, Judaism, British government’s blind support for Israel and the Jewish lobby groups working for the interests of a foreign country (Israel). Gilad  has recorded nine albums so far and his album Exile was BBC Jazz Album of the Year in 2003. His music mostly addresses the Middle East conflict. His two novels have been translated into 22 languages.

During his recent visit to the Greek Cyprus to join with Cyprus Symphony Orchestra (watch the video at the end of this post), Gilad Atzmon was interviewed by Theo Panayides which was published inCyprus Mail (February 21, 2010) under the heading “Wandering jazz player” – in which he told his host:

I don’t have any passion for politics. I despise politics, and I despise politicians…

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