Yes you know, that stuff that is (eww) animal fat and Sooooooooo bad for you.

I used to be able to get lard at Tesco Stores, now it is replaced with “Irish Baking Fat”. What complete bullshit. It is not baking fat it is vegetable oil which has been polluted with chemicals to make it solid and is so much worse for you that lard.

The ignorati that push the agenda that animal fat is bad for you are basically passing the buck from us to them and are making decisions for us. The supermarkets join in and the oh (not) so clever sheeple all believe every single stupidity that is rammed down their ignorant throats by those who call themselves scientists, but who are basically just grant chasers.

Rather than educate people into healthy eating – and that does NOT mean low or no fat diets – they choose to push their expensive products that chemically are much worse for you. But that of course does not matter because then you get ill and they can sell you medicines.

What they should be doing is stopping all these HFCS drinks and high sugar content foods and NOT replacing the sugar with chemicals that will eventually kill you (mind you in the dumbing down process they achieve their aim). They are not in the least bit concerned for your health, only for the health of their profit margin.

Lard is not profitable because it is cheap. But, like butter and all things in moderation, it is good for you and yes sorry vegans we were designed to eat animal fats. By the way you get the impression that cholesterol is bad for you don’t you? It is not. You cannot survive without it.

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