Interview with God

via Interview with God.

Thanks to Murtaza Alamshah for this

If only all people could read this and become aware. It matters not your religion, even atheist or agnostic need to understand this. This is not about religion at the end of the day it is about living on our planet without killing each other, and having some respect for other people.

The value of life has been so debased by the films and the media and fanatical sects of many religions that we have lost sight of what a wonderous thing life is. Whatever your religious inclination simply sit a while and ponder the complexity of the human body and of animals – and of how similar they are to us in their workings.

Ponder on the fact that God, Allah, Gaia or who ever your Supreme being is, has given us in each area the means to heal ourselves, but that we have allowed this to become perverted and controlled by others for profit.

We live on a changing planet. It has always changed, and will continue to change in the future. The cycles of nature and our planet are not there to be vehicles for profit. They are not there to create enmity between us. They are part of the fabric of life and we should adapt and help others to adapt to what Nature or Mother Earth puts before us.

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  1. thank you so much….for amplifying my voice…!

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