This is follow up to 1880 IS getting colder and notes the very strange change to the data this January.

All of a sudden 1880 got warmer again (-33-22) and the early 1900s got very much colder (1910 -37-47).

I could create a huge number of charts of each individual measurement but it is sufficient just use the global annual mean.

The two files are the one for the 15th January, 2013 and for the 16th January 2013. You can download copies of them using the links below.


Since my original post on 1880 is getting colder I have been downloading these files every day in order to keep track of changes. I shall continue to do this as long as time and space permit thus creating an archive that may not be available elsewhere.

This January change is unbelievable! Quite aside from the fact that I can see no good scientific reason why the early data should change once it has been calculated, I can see absolutely no good reason scientific or otherwise why there should be such enormous swings in the data. The chart below shows (blue) the data of the 15th January and (red) the data of the 16th January.

(Click the image for a larger/clearer version)

I have also shown the best fit polynomial trend lines for this data (5th order) which very clearly shows that the late 1800s have been warmed up again and the early 1900s have been cooled, and of course the period after the 1980s has been warmed slightly.

Is this an attempt to bamboozle the public by showing a curve that has the outward appearance of being real – sort of “Oh look it did cool and then the CO2 started causing it to warm”, or is there some other agenda here?

If we look at the base period of 1951 to 1980 you can see they are fiddling with that as well. Predictably the early part of the base has cooler and the latter part has warmed. The chart below shows the change in trends and the differences, with it’s own trend line.

(Click the image for a larger/clearer version)

The linear trend difference is also similar over the whole dataset meaning that the data has been engineered to be colder earlier and warmer later.

This additional data has been added to the original XLSX file I produced and can be downloaded here.

All of the GISS text files I have downloaded daily – up to 17th Jan 2013 (or later if updated) can be found on my 4Shared site.

In my humble non-scientific opinion this is simply a piss-take.

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