There are other dimensions – FACT!

So many times in my life I have pondered on whether there are other dimensions to the Universe through which our spirit moves, leaving keys in one place in one dimension and in a different place in another.

I am sure you all know the scenario. Put your keys in a drawer for example. Go to retrieve them and they are not there. No one else in the house has seen them. A search of every conceivable place in the house does not produce them.

5 days later they turn up in the drawer exactly where you left them. (This happened to me once)

OK you say, a bunch of keys could conceivably have been missed/covered up on the first search and they are not that big etc, etc.

Now see if you can explain this latest dimensional shift!

I wanted to bang in a post for a tree so I went to the boiler room to retrieve the sledge hammer as that was where I was sure I had left the hammer last. It was not to be found. Blaming age and failing memory I went to the garden shed assuming it was in that. It was not.

I then thought that perhaps I had laid it down in one of the fields so I traipsed round the areas I had worked in recently and could not see it. Half believing that I had laid the sledge hammer down and forgotten about it, and that it was now so covered in grass that I could not see it, I thought nevertheless I would check the boiler room and the garden shed again.

I pulled all the items obscuring the view of the floor and bench area in the boiler room and no, it was not in there.

I turfed everything out of the garden shed and it definitely was not there.

All this happened a few days ago and I was resolved to get a replacement (which I have not done).

Today, as I checked the water level in the boiler which I do twice a day (we have a slight leak I have not located), right in front of me was – the sledge hammer!!! Not more than three feet away and plain as a pikestaff standing there looking at me.

Believe me or not as you will but that hammer was NOT in that position where it was clearly visible on entering the room. I think it was off in another dimension for several days. I have no other possible explanation.

About PuterMan

A retired programmer.
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