Email scams #7

Maybe this is not a scam and is just junk BUT the way it looks there is a scam in there somewhere.


First my dear Bro probably could not care less about my birthday as he never remembers it.

Second, if this did indeed come from a Facebook app as it suggests then it came to the wrong email address – to one that I do NOT use ever on Face ache.

The fact that both accept and ignore point at the same accept target is a dead give-away that this is a scam of some sort and NOT a genuine request.

With some of the links activated it looks like this (Pictures are not downloaded so as not to indicate my presence to their server)


Now you can clearly see that Accept and Ignore go to the same address as does clicking on the two images below that by comparing this image to the one above..

Beware calendar reminders!!!

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A retired programmer.
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