Injection induced earthquake in Spain

Small earthquake hits Spain near gas storage project

Oct 1 (Reuters) – A small earthquake struck Spain’s east coast on Tuesday, the strongest ever measured in the area, just days after the government halted work on a big offshore gas storage plant following hundreds of recent minor tremors.
Spain’s National Geographic Institute said the earthquake at 0532 local time measured 4.2 magnitude, the strongest yet in the region around the Gulf of Valencia, a zone not normally known for seismic activity.
The government last week ordered a stop to injections of gas into the European Investment Bank-backed Castor storage plant, while scientists study whether the injections triggered the quakes.
Industry Minister Jose Manuel Soria said on Tuesday there was no confirmed link between the earthquakes and the work on the plant, but seismologists have said they believe there is a connection, because the tremors started at the same time as the injections of gas.

There is more and more evidence that injection for either storing gas, be it natural gas or CO2 for carbon sequestration, or the process of fracking itself and the subsequent disposal of fracking by-products (the highly contaminated water from the frack) , leads to earthquakes in the area that is being injected.

Fracking for natural gas is a short term thing, with ever diminishing returns, and each new site or re-injection of an old site, increases the dangers of earthquakes in the area. The sequestration of carbon by injection of CO2 into deep strata is no better and can only contribute to further earthquakes but more importantly the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere which we need both to survive and to grow food to feed an ever increasing world population. As a species the extreme low carbon dioxide levels of the 17th to 18th centuries were getting close to the level where plant growth would cease and we could wave goodbye to Earth as a species – in other words extinction. For some reason the warmist numpties want to return us to that situation. (Agenda 21?)

One day someone will wake up to the fact that Mother Nature can take care of this in her own way, that the Medieval Warm Period (et al) was not a bad thing, when the temperature was a higher than now.

Why is it that, if a warm climate is such a bad thing, that people choose to go to warmer climes for winter instead of Alaska or Antarctica? Which would you prefer? Florida or the slopes of Mt Erebus as your winter holiday destination?

I would be very interested in seeing a survey of who believes Global Climate Warming Change Disaster is caused completely by the human population.

I would not mind taking a bet that those who are vehement supporters are moderately well off or rich and live in warmer climes than those of us who are poor and struggle to provide heat for the family and to grow crops in the colder areas of the world. It is very easy to be a brainwashed climate whore when it does not affect you adversely. Those who can afford a tank of heating oil have no idea how nice a warmer climate would be.

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