Email scams #11

Ah the perpetual Pay-Pal scam attempt. I love these ones, especially since once a long time ago I got caught by one despite my overly cautious approach.

The email (sans images for security reasons) looks like this:


Note that in the raw the address leads to something called The whole of that web address, which looks as if it is based at is actually a series of subwebs on You can determine this because all the ‘joins’ in the address are either dashes or dots. Each dot is a sub-web.

You might also wonder why they say ‘Welcome’ in an email that purports to be advising you of a problem. That is a greeting for landing on a web site not for an email but then English was never the strong point of these people.


It is also somewhat of a give away on all these scams that as often as not they use the incorrect email address. The email I use for such logins as paypal is NEVER the one that I use for general correspondence thus they rarely if ever get it right. (It was the one correct one once that caught me out before I reset my email to only allow senders I have approved. That stops much of this traffic. You still get them in junk but it becomes a lot more obvious what they are.

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