R.I.P Tree

A tree opposite our house was cut down. It was a beautiful tree and was in a position where it did no harm to any buildings. It’s loss caused for me a considerable impact on the visual environment and I still miss that tree some years later.

R.I.P. Tree

R.I.P Tree. Who cares you may ask?
You were splendid in purpose and lifegiving task,
A provider of oxygen, shelter and shade.
Fashioned by nature, like nothing man-made.

R.I.P Tree, but does anyone care?
Do passers-by notice you no longer stand there?
Do they miss your fine shape, and the wonderful hues,
of your bright autumn mantle enhancing the views?

R.I.P Tree, unthinkingly cut,
And carelessly burnt by those who care not.
Your stump a reminder of what people do,
To kill off our planet, by killing off you.

(C) Grandpa David

As with many of my poems they have no dates, and often no titles. I believe this one was written in 1994.

About PuterMan

A retired programmer.
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