April Fool

April the 1st 1995 was an eventful day. In the morning my daughter was thrown from a racehorse during an interview for a job, and in the evening our car was stolen whilst we were at friends in Bristol. The following day an attempt was also made to steal the same friend’s motorcycle.

April Fool

April came gently wrapped in shimmering haze
That did belie the tricks that it would play
And so we motored further south
Unsuspecting of the rampant April Fool.

Ah! Mortals durst you turn your back on this most cursed foe
And think that you’ll survive
For you will surely perish at the tricksters fateful hand
And break the surface of life’s limpid pool.

To horse, To horse and gallop frantic in the morning sun
And see the fields and hedges flashing by.
Ah! Cursed luck! The April Fool has charge
And you will tumble to the ground. Ungraceful pose.

But think you not the manic Fool by midday surely done,
For in these years of calumny and crime
The Trickster thrives and spreads his vile net
To taint the lives of people that he passes by.

Though heart of steel and made by man you were a friend of mine
Companion and support o’er many a mile
And now you’re gone, wrested from my side at dead of night
By those abominable servants of the Fool.

Fickle fortune though you take a car you cannot take the man
And when the last of this poor day is gone
The Trickster surely will not have a grip upon my soul
For I am stronger than the April Fool and will survive.

Vile Jester are you such an evil and persistent malcontent
That you must try to influence another day
And send your servants out to steal the hard earned property of friends
Be off! No more!. Begone with you I say.

(C) 1995 Grandpa David

About PuterMan

A retired programmer.
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