Uruguay’s neighbors now considering legalization of pot

LIMA, Peru — Argentina has given the first sign that Uruguay’s groundbreaking cannabis reform just may have started a domino effect across Latin America.

Following the momentous vote by its smaller neighbor’s senate this month — making it the first nation in the world to completely legalize the soft drug — Argentina’s anti-drug czar Juan Carlos Molina has called for a public discussion in his country about emulating the measure.

“Argentina deserves a good debate about this,” Molina told local radio. “We have the capacity to do it. We should not underestimate ourselves.”

Crucially, Molina, a Catholic priest appointed earlier this month by President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner as head of her government’s counternarcotics agency, said his boss also wanted a new approach.

Source: Global Post

Good. The more countries that see sense and legalise hemp the better. This plant was placed on the planet for the benefit of the population and that people are still being denied the healing benefits of hemp, often even where Big Pharma drugs have failed is a disgrace.

Thanks goodness some countries can see that by decriminalising it many will benefit and the State can benefit and the link to hard drugs is also broken.

Even though I am not a user I can see that this is a good direction to be going in.

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