Student facing 98 YEARS in jail – for wearing a RED scarf

Source: Daily Express (UK). Read more….

Prosecutors in Turkey are demanding the maximum sentence for Ayse Deniz Karacagil, saying that her scarf represented socialism.

The 20-year-old has spent the last four months in jail after being arrested for taking part in an anti-government protest.

Ayse was part of a group who took to the streets of Antalya, southern Turkey, last September to complain at the death of demonstrator Ahmet Atakan.

The circumstances of his death have still not been explained.

I have heard some really stupid things in my many years but this really does take the biscuit for total stupidity. If people are going to be classified politically by the colour of clothing they wear then the world has a serious problem, or at least turkey does.

Do the ladies in black burquas all belong to the Black Panthers? Should they all be jailed for appearing in black when we see them protesting on TV as we do?

To impose such a sentence on a young woman for exercising her right to protest based purely on the colour of her clothing is the most asinine suggestion I have heard in years. If she was a card carrying member of the faction they don’t like and thus brand a ‘terrorist’ organisation, because everything that is against Government is a ‘terrorist’ organisation these days, then they might possibly have some excuse for imposing a jail sentence.

Without that this is simply suppression of the populace by tyrannical government who are afraid they will cease to be in power if they let anyone else have any sort of voice. Typical unfortunately of so many governments around the world today whose only desire is to hold on to power and who do not care one little bit about the people they are supposed to govern. Don’t think this is restricted to so called third world countries, it is not. The US is just as guilty of this frame of mind as anywhere, including several European countries.

There is even a club for the scared little governments as well: I am not saying that many or all of these organisations they designate are not ‘terrorist’ organisations based on their actions but as we know one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Never mind even the acts of ‘terrorism’ perpetrated by certain world despots against other countries – that apparently is OK. Here is a fairly complete list of organisations that have been designated as ‘terrorist’. Many organizations that are accused of being a terrorist organization deny using terrorism as a military tactic to achieve their goals, and there is no international consensus on the legal definition of terrorism. Basically if as a government you don’t like a group of people you designate them terrorists.

If this goes ahead I hope everyone will hit Turkey where it hurts by boycotting tourism and Turkish goods. Unfortunately most people are so selfish they look out for themselves alone so it probably won’t happen.

Finally, do we really want a country like this in the European Union? I think not.

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