What is the matter with the ‘West’?

Why are the Americans, for let’s face it all of the ‘Western’ countries are under the thumb of the US, so hell bent on taking us into a nuclear war?

I don’t want a nuclear war, and I don’t want my grandchildren to inherit that aftermath of such a war if indeed there is an aftermath.

The press reports that America thinks a nuclear conflict is winnable. Are they completely stupid? A nuclear holocaust is NOT winnable. All sides will be the losers and humanity may never recover. Just exactly what right do these warmongering people, the masters of a mere 350 million or so people, have to impose a sentence of death on possibly 7 billion people?

Just a handful of people in America are intent on committing a war crime that makes anything that has gone before look like a children’s tea-party. They have no right to do this. They have no right to destroy MY family as I don’t live in the US and never would.

As to why the puppets in Europe lap up everything the US says it is simply because they are so afraid of the US dollar hegemony that they cannot see past the end of their faces to a world where America and American interests no longer dominate every aspect of our daily lives. They cannot see that American corporations are sucking the lifeblood out of the world; that America is imposing it’s way of life on the world to the detriment of the rich pageant of cultures that (used) to exist; that America will never stop until the American Empire extends to the whole planet and beyond.

The US attitude to Russia is stuck in the sixties. The warmongers of the US have never moved on and still linger in the Cold War era pining for conflict with the Russian Bear.

It is no more Russia’s place to order Ukrainian citizens what to do than it the the place of the Americans to do so, yet the US and it’s lapdogs and the screaming Western Press continue to promulgate whatever stories suit their purpose to achieve their aim of annexing Ukraine. This is all this is about, just as in Iraq, Libya, Syria (failed) and it will go on and on until the final conquest.

I have little doubt that the shooting down of the Indonesian flight was a crime committed by the Ukrainians under the directions of the US to create a false flag excuse to annex Ukraine. They sicken me.

In many ways I feel sorry for the ordinary American people who are saddled with these warmongers and denied access to the truth of so may things the US does in their name. It is not their fault but the fault of their inexpressibly evil masters.

About PuterMan

A retired programmer.
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