So, the West is putting more sanctions on Russia…

In the matter of the Ukraine the main perpetrator of events has clearly been the US, and the main pusher behind the sanctions is of course the US. Not that they actually care because nothing in Ukraine bothers them as they will not get shot or blown up, and forcing sanctions through does not bother them as it will not be the US gas supply that is cut off.

Oh wait a minute, that is just what the US wants so IT can supply gas to Europe and suck even more profits out of us.

Why is it that none of our politicians can see what they are doing.

Chances are that the US will be unable to supply sufficient to make up the loss of Russian gas simply because it has to be transported across the oceans and does not come in a nice convenient pipeline. The US will most likely be responsible for the deaths of many thousands of elderly and at risk European citizens this coming winter because US gas if it gets here will not be cheap, but never mind the US is into slaughtering thousands of innocent people. It is what they do best.

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