Caledonia – TTBB & SSA

Having scoured the Internet for a TTBB version of Dougie MacLean’s ‘Caledonia’ without success, even the paid for ones are SATB, I decided to write my own arrangement for TTBB. 23rd Jan 2015: Added a karaoke style video for each part.

20 Feb 2015: Added an SSA version

I am not a trained musician so some of the harmonies may not be ‘conventional’ and not quite what might be expected but I just create music that sounds OK to me, whether technically right or wrong is not something I concern myself about. If there is something glaring that causes you a problem feel free to let me know. I am always ready to learn even at my age! I also appreciate reasonable criticism, good or bad.

UPDATE: 16 March 2019. It has been observed that the piano accompaniment of this is NOT possible for a single pianist. All downloads are currently suspended until I redo this my first arrangement.

About PuterMan

A retired programmer.
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2 Responses to Caledonia – TTBB & SSA

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  2. Julia Wirth says:

    Hello Mr. Loring, If you don’t mind I have a few questions about the arrangement- I think it is beautiful and have some performance questions. If you could email me I would greatly appreciate it!

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