God Be In My Head TTBB

This is the Sir Henry Walford Davies KCVO OBE melody which is definitely my favourite and which I first sang as a treble solo at the age of 8 or thereabouts. There are other versions of this 1558 composition but I don’t like them as much.

Out on the web there is not much is the way of scores for this. One for SATB that I do not like the phrasing of and another SATB very similar to the King’s College version.

There is nothing out there for TTBB and nothing for TTBB + piano, not even in the various music scores sites. With no experience of composition behind me so forgive any major nasties, I decided to create a TTBB with piano arrangement so here is my own arrangement of the Walford Davies melody. Actually there are two versions, both basically the same but with two different endings. I added an Amen to the original tune, and while I was playing with that I came up with a longer version of the Amen. I like both so I kept them both. Ideally the longer Amen version, which is scored as two Amens, should really be one extended Amen if the choir has the wind for it! That extends it over 4 measures and some may not be able to cope with that, especially with the temp @ 70.

You can get the PDF of the short Amen version here.
and for the longer Amen version here.

I have also made one with both endings you can get here.

I had to take out the ‘hairpins’ as they were not working too well.

Below here are the links for the MIDI versions, and a sample of a page of the score (use the PDF links above for the ‘real thing’).


The various MP3, midi and Music XML files for all the versions can be found here.

The MP3 and MIDI files are using Choir Ahs for the voice parts and Grand Piano for the accompaniment

CC-BY-NC-SA-icon-88x31You may copy the PDFs and other files of the arrangement freely for non commercial purposes provided attribution is made and the work is licensed under the same Creative Commons license. The original melody is presumed to be ©Sir Henry Walford Davies, his heirs or successors, or his agents and it is not known at this time how that may affect the display of this arrangement. If there is an issue in this respect please let me know and I will take this down.

If your choir decides to sing this arrangement I would very much appreciate you mentioning it in the comments, and possibly even providing a link to a You-Tube video?


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