Square pegs into round holes

Yup I am a square peg and I really object to WordPress (Automattic) trying to force us into a round hole. First the editing page changes to the nasty narrow thing the new one is and now the stats page has changed as well.

It really is about time that organisations such as WordPress realised that not only do some people NOT do all their work on smartphones that need the narrow format, but that we also have wide screens upon which these narrow formats are completely wasted.

Currently the only redeeming feature is that one can still revert to the old format.

They laughingly say at the top of an edit page “There’s now an easier way to create on WordPress.com! Switch to the improved posting experience.”. Just exactly in what way is the ‘experience’ improved. It is cramped and nasty. By the way I do all my posting in text view because I cannot stand the Visual view and the way it messes with what you are doing. I guess that is just because I am a programmer and the codes not only do not bother me but I prefer them.

I am not saying the narrow format should go, far from it, just that both should remain available so that those of us who work on wide screen can get the benefit of the ‘experience’ and not have to ‘experience’ the cramped style of the smartphone format. I don’t even own a smartphone, and have no wish to. They are a gimmick as far as I am concerned and I do not feel the need to be perpetually in touch where ever I am. My email belongs in the office and not with me on the toilet. A phone is sufficient, and that is what I have – just a mobile phone. It can get email but I don’t bother.

About PuterMan

A retired programmer.
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