Gas bottle

A while ago I left a note on my desk to remind myself to get a replacement gas bottle (for cooking). The note simply said “GAS BOTTLE”. We have just come across the note in a tidy up and I share the follow on to the note that happened at the time.

Whilst I was out my dearly beloved wrote at the top of the note the words “I love my”

I returned from town – saw the addition and responded on the reverse of the note

‘Regrettably your gas bottle, the old one, has been replaced. I realise that the Taurus in you may take some time to come to terms with the substitution, but what else could I do?

The old gas bottle was just not cutting it any longer and a man was offering new gas bottles for old and only €27. I did suspect his motives and rubbed the old bottle to see if a genie would appear – but no genie so I agreed to the trade. So sorry! I hope you will get over it soon!’

About PuterMan

A retired programmer.
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