Infidelity is a happy marriage?

Source: Ashley Madison users ‘growing’ despite hack

A total 87,000 women join site following data leak, owner claims

One user known only as Mac told Krebs: “They have my home billing address and first and last name, so it would be relatively easy for them to get my home records and figure out who I am.

“I’ll accept the consequences if this does get disclosed, but obviously I’d rather not have that happen because my wife and I are both very happy in our marriage.”

I guess I am just too old fashioned to understand how you can be using a site of that nature and yet make a statement like that! To me, not having the swinging mentality, that is plain and simply a lie even if the person who uttered it does not realise it. Whilst I would be delighted to see him taken to the cleaners for everything he has, I would not wish that hurt on his wife and family.

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