I decided to title this Hush. If anyone wants to suggest an alternative title for this one that is more appropriate please feel free to comment.

Hush, and tremble with excitement at this touch
That slips quietly through the fevered mind
And spreads its powerful presence to the corners of the soul
To lie quiescent ’til some other point in time

Pause, and savour both the pain and pleasure of this state
As calm resumes and order fills the fractured brain.
And listen carefully to the inner voice of this perpetual dream
For surely traveller you will come this way again

Wonder, at this touching of two souls, for this is love
That marks the passing of a former stage
And brings you forward into that eternal peace of mind
Which knows no boundaries of body or of age.

© David Loring (Grandpa David)

About PuterMan

A retired programmer.
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