This was written (around 1995) for a dear friend who at the time was having some difficulty with a relationship and concerned about causing one or other party some hurt in the process.

We cannot walk our earthly path without a little pain,
But if we know and care inside it can become our gain.
We cannot touch another’s life and never cause some sorrow
Though can we in all truth be blamed? We know not of the morrow.

If all we do and all we say is offered from the heart
If things go wrong then be not sad for we have done our part
We are not Gods that we can be correct in every action
But if we try to do our best we get some satisfaction.

Although we feel the road we tread is often paved with guilt
It is upon these stepping stones a better life is built.
And even if we sometimes leave a trail of wounded pride
The most important thing is truth, and peace deep down inside

We cannot be a friend at all without some pain and hurt
Or gather a relationship and never gather dirt
We cannot find the path to love without some disappointment
Or run the race right to its end without some discontent

So pilgrim on the way of life remember always this
That as we give so we will get, in sorrow and in bliss
But each and every little failing soon can be forgiven
If sincerity has guided us and truth is in our living.

©1995 Grandfather David (David Loring)

About PuterMan

A retired programmer.
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