Poem: ‘Of You’

By playful streams and laughing waterfalls,
And soft green ferns in moisture gently bathed,
I think of you.
In summer meadows filled with sun and flowers
While listening to the cheerful lark’s bright song
I think of you.
Warm and cosy in my bed of sleepy down
Locked pleasantly away from all my cares
I dream of you.
And as the clouds drift slowly ‘cross the timeless sky
My weary soul is lifted up as ceaselessly
I dream of you
In the lonely quiet before the dawning of the day
As to the world I now return again
I long for you.
And in the evening as I linger on our favourite songs
And reminisce beside the crackling fire
I long for you.
In everything I do each day, in every simple task
I make it something specially for you and thus
I live for you.
For all that has between us passed, is passing now
And in the future far before us lies
I live for you.
Firm in purpose, strong in spirit, loving in your way
I hear your voice and see your face and know
I love you
Because you are the person that you are, and care,
And fill my heart with joy and soul with light,
I love you.

©1996 Grandfather David (David Loring)

About PuterMan

A retired programmer.
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