Eris Falling

OK, this post is probably going to be way out of my normal sphere!

I tend not to be in to purely instrumental pieces, nor am I into computer games and the music for them, but when researching sound fonts today I came across this music. I was mesmerised, not only by the sound but by the very appropriate and often beautiful imagery associated with the music. I have selected three videos to show here but if any of these interest you then please do go to Eris Falling’s channel on You Tube.

Arctic Voyage

Eris Falling says of this first video:

Winter is an interesting season. It can be calm, joyful and beautiful but on the other hand it can be dark, miserable and somewhat terrifying. I tend to see all these aspects, and as the shorter days rolled in I started messing around with a tiny little piano on a touchscreen. Despite the sloppy playing, I felt I was on to something.

Of the middle section he(?) says:

It’s similar to Frozen Wilderness in that I used similar instrumentation to evoke that cold feeling, but structually it differs greatly, particularly the 210BPM dark power metal in the middle. That’s a pretty huge deviation from what I normally do, and might not be to everyone’s liking, but I always had in mind that this piece should tell a story of winter, and somewhere, a winter storm had to be involved (especially given that my country is being pummelled by them at the moment)

I would agree. Not perhaps my normal taste but nevertheless I feel achieves the aim.

The Forgotten God

You might be forgiven for thinking this has similarities with the first piece, and you would be right/ In the composer’s own words:

Finished within 29 hours of starting. It’s a record. Perhaps that’s not terribly surprising given that I’ve probably already made this song several times (Cry of Desperation, Atmosphere and Darkest Hour say hi.)

In my defence, I did try to work in other chords, and even tried changing key, but it just didn’t sound right. All in all I’ve ended up with three chords in the entire thing. Then again, maybe this is for the best. This is written for a map which can be completed with ease in under 15 seconds. It’s powerful and bombastic like you might expect from a final map, yet my dark and sad tones still make their presence known. I’m happy with how its turned out, but I accept, it’s time I started diversifying my structures and chord progressions.

Repetition is not a fault. It is the basis of many headbanging tracks and of course also the basis of so many "mystical" tracks. Indeed in combination with other substances in several non-Abrahamic religions it can be the vehicle of trance and connection to the spirit world.

Beneath The Stars

Of the three I have put in this post I actually think this one is my favourite.

Frozen Wilderness is also worth a visit (you can find it on the channel)

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