I Know Her So Well (TTBB)

This is an adaptation of the song from Chess “I Know Him So Well” with words more suitable for male singers and arranged in 4 parts (TTBB). The tempo is set a bit on the slow side for learning purposes and could probably be raised from 64 bpm very slightly for performances. @64 it is 4m 25s. The slight problem with the track for a split second near the start is not resolved at present. If I fix it I will upload a new version. It does not happen on other versions such as “I-know-her-so-well_TTBB(no visible piano).wmv”. It appears to be a glitch in the notation software. FIXED

All the PDF files, WMV files, MP4 and MP3 files can be found on my Google Drive[↑][→] and all are freely available to download and distribute subject to the terms of Creative Commons licence CC BY-SA-NC 4.0

Also in the folders is a duet version for Baritone and Bass. The tempo is set at 70 bpm which personally I find just a bit fast. (4m 04s)

The PDF files, WMV files, MP4 file and MP3 files are also available at the link above.

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A retired programmer.
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