Weather in August 2016 – West Of Ireland (Mayo)

These are the figures for August 2016. We are at 109 metres above sea level in the West of Ireland and have the benefit of having a weather station at Knock Airport close by (11 miles as the crow flies) We are about 24 miles from the nearest coastline. Knock is higher than us at around 200 metres. You can see the Monthly data for Knock Airport produced by Met Éireann but what that misses is the thing that we see so little of, the Sunshine! I acknowledge Met Éireann as the source of my Sunshine, Rainfall and Mean Soil Temperatures and the comparison Max and Min temperatures to my own under the terms of Met Éireann’s copyright.

Daily Max and Min
carroward-max-min-pressure-2016-08(Click the Image for a slightly larger/clearer version)
The black line is the barometric pressure at midnight of each day and the Max and Min temperatures are from my own instrument.

The graph below shows the 7-day moving average of the Max and Min temperatures

In the next graphs there are figures for Knock Airport so it is useful to know how Knock differs due to the additional height. The chart below tracks the difference in Max and Min temperature between my readings and those from Knock Airport taken by Met Éireann.

The Sunshine graph!

The comparison of Sunshine to rainfall and also incorporating Soil Mean Temperature. (Soil is the mean 10cm temperature in Degrees Celsius)

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