Windows 10 freezes

Some time ago I had a very real problem with Windows 10 freezing if I left the computer for a few minutes. I was locked out of the computer for up to 10 minutes at a time which was, shall we say, somewhat inconvenient. If I waited it out the screen unfroze and everything started working again.

2016-11-21_110151Eventually I narrowed it down to a scheduled task. These can be found by going to Control Panel and then selecting administrative tasks.

The task scheduler is the one you want. The task is under Windows > Microsoft and is called DiskCleanup. See the graphic below for where to find it. This task is set to run after the computer has been idle for 5 minutes and basically trolls round your disk removing the dross, however you really do not need to be doing this whenever the computer is idle! At best once every 6 months is sufficient.

So how do I know this is the culprit? Well when I first disabled this task my freezing problem went away completely. That in itself was enough evidence but there is more.
2016-11-21_110600When the Anniversary update came out it crashed my PC twice so I got fed up with every other day having this happen and I was worried that the next time it would not recover from the experience of rolling back the operating system so I disabled Windows Updates. That was at the end of September.

Three days ago (November 18) I enabled Windows updates again to see if Microsoft had fixed the problem. Eventually the Anniversary update came through and installed correctly this time BUT yesterday the freezing problem had returned.

This morning I went to Scheduled Tasks and found that the task DiskCleanup had been reinstated. I right clicked on it and disabled it again and the problem has gone away again.

This is conclusive proof that the DiskCleanup task was the culprit. To all you out there who are rebooting your computer when it freezes – and there are as I found this when researching the problem – be patient. Let the task finish then disable it. You could leave it in there disabled so it is easy to do a run now if you want to use it.

Hope this helps someone.

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