– A bunch of complete incompetents!

Rarely is it my displeasure to be confronted by such a complete bunch of incompetent numpties as

This all started when I wanted to change my email address on the account from an email (owners of Meteor) to another email account, which itself came about because I was unable to access my email account via POP in Outlook.

I changed the email address and password, and their system acknowledged the changes but I could not log in as my changed password did not work so I emailed them (after a chat session):

Comments: I am getting sick to death of this website. I had problems changing my email address and password. This was not satisfactorily resolved and I had to wait overnight to try again. I did that using the password I was given on the chat line. This worked and I changed my password, and logging in OK. Now I can’t log in again.

Yesterday you were having server issues and tonight I am wondering if that is still the case. I don’t want to use the email address I have given as I do not go to that one every day but despite now 6 attempts I have been unable to change it and/or have been locked out.

This is a pathetic way to run a website. Please sort this out.

So they came back to me with this nonsense:

Unfortunately the PIN number which you have provided doesn’t match with our records.

To protect the privacy of your account, complying with Data Protection Act, please reply to this e-mail with the following information:

· Your Original PIN number *

*This is the PIN supplied with your SIM card unless you have notified us of a change. If you have forgotten this PIN number, please confirm the answer to the following:

· Full name and registered postal address
· 3 different recently dialed mobile or land line phone numbers
· Method and amount of last top up

Once we have received and verified the above, I can then access your account and assist you with your query.

To which I responded with a photograph of the original PIN on the SIM proving that I had indeed supplied the correct PIN and the information they requested. Their response to this was:

Thanks for your reply.
We are sorry to inform you that we are facing some technical issues in registering your account.
Hence we request you to please try to register new account after 24 hours with your new Email ID and password as (redacted)
I hope this email is of some assistance to your query.

Note that it says password, but in fact after trying to register, and following a chat session, it transpired that they were giving me a new PIN to use even though they said password.

Having now managed to re-register their system said that it was sending a verification link. It has not so far several hours later and I cannot log in to my meteor account again.

I have to award the accolade of The Most Incompetent Service Provider 2016.

Maybe I will get back into my account again some time during 2017 but I don’t hold out much hope!

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