Smudge’s Diary April the 3rd 2017

Smudge’s Diary

Having been kept in the kitchen all night with nothing but a drop of milk to drink the big male giant, aka ‘Man Giant’, let me out to see the study. I found She Giant’s chair was quite comfortable so settled myself down on it. I was a little shall we say ‘nervous’ when Man Giant left the room the first time so I aroused myself and followed him. The next time I did not bother as he did not go anywhere interesting.

It was about an hour past normal feeding time and no food had appeared, when Man Giant brought the box thing from the kitchen and stuffed me in it. He then took me, in the box, to the big box that makes scary noises that lives outside the house and put me in the big box still inside the little box. I was a little confused as to what was happening so I kept quiet and looked around me through the slits.

The big box then started making it’s scary noises and moved, still with me inside it! I thought it best just to say nothing but it was a small comfort that Man Giant was still beside me.

The big box stopped and Man Giant took me, still in the little box, into a strange house that smelt, well – odd. Another Man Giant took me out of the box and stuck a needle in me. I did not like that much and tried to get away but the other Man Giant put me back in the little box. I felt very sick and was retching and I heard the other Man Giant say to my Man Giant that this was an effect of the anaesthetic, not that I have a clue what that means. I don’t remember much after that until I woke up, in the little box, back in the kitchen. I was very weak and wobbly and I needed a pee but I hardly even made it out of the box before I just could not hold it. Man Giant put down some newspaper and I dragged myself on to that but I kept on falling over and shaking.

Man Giant went out of the kitchen and I just staggered around like I was drunk not really knowing what I was doing and I had this horrid feeling in my mouth that made me act as if I was very dry but I could not manage milk.

When Man Giant next came in I was dragging myself towards the litter tray. I made it there and piddled but it was so much effort that I just fell asleep where I was, in the soft damp sawdust. Man Giant must have picked me out of the litter tray because the next thing I knew I was in the green basket. I decided to snooze there as the effort of moving was just too much.

Man Giant kept on looking in on me and making those loud kettle noises but to be honest I was beyond caring.

I hope I feel better later. I don’t know what happened but I am sure it was Man Giant’s fault.

Oo I feel so tired and my side hurts….. more on the blog later perhaps.

(Smudge is a young semi-feral female kitten that we had neutered today)

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