Red Is The Rose (TTBB, SATB, SSAA)

An arrangement of the well known Irish song that tells the tale of two lovers who are parted. The author of the words is unknown and the tune is “The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond”, or simply “Loch Lomond” for short, a well-known traditional Scottish song (Roud No. 9598) first published in 1841 in Vocal Melodies of Scotland.

The words that are often sung would appear to be a mis-heard version that has got handed down. (See some more details on the PDF of the score). This version uses the 1934 lyrics for the last verse.

There have been 2 very minor changes (a caesura and a single note change) which are incorporated in the PDF versions below.


Red Is The Rose (TTBB) Full-Score PDF


Red Is The Rose (SATB) Full-Score PDF


Red Is The Rose (SSAA) Full-Score PDF

Any of the PDF files, MP4 and MP3 files can be found on my Google Drive[↑][→] and all are freely available to download and distribute subject to the terms of Creative Commons licence CC BY-SA-NC 4.0. These may be added to from time to time as parts or other arrangements are made.

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