Smudge’s Diary December the 27th 2017

Ha! Semi-feral are I? Not likely. Over the past few months I have worked on the giants and bended them to my will. I didn’t wrote anything in that time ‘cos I was SO busy. Sleeping is hard work and tiring, honest.

Actually, you may not be able to see, but my eyes are closed ‘cos I fell asleep posting this.

My food supply has got tastier and is unlimited, all I have to do is ask and rub against the giant’s legs, and last night marked a milestone in my Giant training efforts when I permitted them to keep me in the house overnight. I think they was very grateful that I was so gracious.

I knew I would win in the end! Now I have to work on better sleeping quarters and instructing the giants that my brother Maximillian Limpyleg should also be persuaded to allow them to take him in out of the cold and wet Irish weather.

I am exhausted after paying a visit outside for what a girl has to do and am going to curl up in the warm and work hard at sleeping for a few more hours.

Note to self: This ejection into the cold periodically is a pain. I have to instruct the giants to find some alternative that does not entail me getting cold and wet when going about my business. I did suggest a cat-flap so I could choose my timing but they were extremely unreasonable and said that it would allow all my cousins, aunts, uncles and parents to come in as well. Personally I don’t have a problem with that.

xx Smudge

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A retired programmer.
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