Reds under the bed again!

Here is a wonderful piece of complete scaremongering

Source: Russia could cause thousands of deaths through energy grid attack.

The scaremongering:

Yet another terrifying warning that Russia could knock out the National Grid in a lethal strike has been issued, this time by the Defence Secretary – but the UK government has issued no advice stating what residents should do should the lights go out.

Gavin Williamson’s warning that Russia could cause “thousands and thousands and thousands” of deaths in Britain through an attack on the island’s electricity distribution system comes just days after the head of the National Cyber Security Centre appeared to suggest an attack of this nature was inevitable

And of course the real reason for the scaremongering:

He told E&T: “There is a tension between the UK, as member of NATO and as part of the sanctions regime against Russia, and Russia itself. There is military posturing that goes along as part of that and there are various aspects of what has sometimes been referred to as hybrid warfare or information warfare that goes on, too.

“I am not aware of, nor do I think there has been, an explicit threat from the Russian side to any aspect of British infrastructure, including the electricity grid.”

He added: “There are concerns over what would happen if the current cold conflict with Russia were to escalate and I think that’s what seems to be driving the general message from the MoD that more funding is needed.

Now we have the real truth.

Of course the UK could stop acting as the lap dog of the US. The politicians and elites cannot get enough of the ‘Reds under the beds’. It is just like going back to the 60’s. How about dropping the US, the people who are actually the most likely to cause a war, and form a better friendship with our European friends the Russians?

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