Male Voice Choirs

I shall be building this up over a period of time to give some example of choir performances that I like – gleaned from You-Tube videos. As the collection grows I shall split it in to alphabetical pages)

Males Voice Choirs by Country

Ireland: Dublin Welsh, Mayo, Waterford

Other Male Voice Choirs

Arion Male Voice Choir

From the Spirit in the West concert in Victoria, B.C., on May 9th, 2014. Arrangement by Alan Billingsley. Conducted by Peter Dent. Pianist: Michael Gaudet. Guitarist: Kevin Ramsay

Bristol Male Voice Choir

What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor – Gurt Winter Concert 2012

Cantorion Colin Jones (Côr Meibion Gogledd Cymru)

Cantorion was founded by Colin Jones in 1992 when he invited singers, who he knew and had taught and conducted previously in other choirs across North Wales, to join his new chorus. He was able to match his skills in voice production and choral management with the enthusiasm and commitment of some of North Wales’ finest male choral singers and soloists, and during his 15 years had established a male chorus with a special sound and quality now recognised after its numerous tours and performances in many countries, worldwide.

Source: History

Google search for Cantorion videos

BRING HIM HOME – Les Miserables

The Lord’s Prayer
Cantorion Colin Jones’ winning rendition of The Lord’s Prayer by Albert Hay Malotte in the Mayo International Choral Festival 2013

Mendip Male Voice choir

American Trilogy – from the Summer Ovations CD, recording July 2010. The photographs accompanying the video were taken in Bath Abbey on 12 June 2010.

Tenby Male Voice Choir

Anthem from”Chess” sung in St Mary’s Church Tenby on Saturday May 8th 2010

Tideswell Male Voice Choir

Based in a beautiful village in the Peak District, the Tideswell Male Voice Choir has a well-deserved reputation for its excellence in choral singing. Originally founded in the early 1950s, the choir members at that time were mainly drawn from the village of Tideswell itself. Today men travel from all parts of Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester to be a part of this exciting group, enjoying rehearsals which continue to be held in Tideswell itself. Here the choir is fortunate to have its own rehearsal premises, which houses a library and wardrobe facility.

Source: Learn about the people behind Tideswell Male Voice Choir

Google search for Tideswell MVC videos
A couple of these are linked below.

Tideswell Male Voice Choir Sing “Hallelujah”

Tideswell Male Voice Choir “Nothing Like A Dame”

And finally not a ‘choir’ but a nice song by the Willough Brothers. The Blarney Roses

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